Alles Paletti 1985


Alles Paletti (TV, 1985) cast and crew including actors, actresses, directors, writers, and more.
List published by an anonymous author (Gazzetta dello Sport, 08/16/1984)
8. Peter Stormare, goalkeeper
9. Gerard Bourgoin, forward.
11. Hobart Whitaker, forwards
13. Werner Herzog, director.
15. Klaus Ludwig, cameraman.
16. Joel Trintignant, lead actor.
18. Laure Way, actress.
21. Gilbert Renier, actor
25. Mauro Milan, actor and director.
26. James Terbruggen, musician
30. Patrick Ager, artist.
31. Mario Neri, musician of the group “Viola da Gravina”.
32. Luke Arnold, actor, actor.
33. Giorgio Locatelli, director and producer.
37. Sergey Zhigunov, actor (anniversary, so who doesn’t know), as well as a writer.
38. David Villa, footballer
40. Manuel Adebayor, player of the Brazilian national team.
41. Tommy Gappo, hockey player, goaltender.
42. Carlos Tevez, football player, goalkeeper.
43. Oscar Pistorius, former tennis player, Olympic medalist
44. Alejandro Dominguez, tennis player
45. Jorge Martin Olmedo, Chelsea player.
46. ​​Enrico Bandellano, player.
47. Oded Hazard, Barcelona footballer
50. Guy Carbonneau, Barcelona footballer
53. Mauricio Perez, Segunda footballer
54. Nicolas Otamendi, Juventus footballer
55. Andres Iniesta, football player of Zenit, midfielder.
56. Hugo Sanchez Costa, playing coach in the USA.
57. Joan Romney, Spanish footballer
58. Luis Enrique, Barcelona Player





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