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AutoCAD Crack [April-2022]


AutoCAD Crack Keygen was initially developed by a group of drafters, artists, and engineers called the Garage Technology Group. They envisioned it as a desktop CAD program for use by a single drafter, rather than as a multi-user, network-connected program. The original company, which was located in California, had experienced financial difficulties by the end of the 1970s. It sold its assets, including the rights to AutoCAD Crack Keygen, to an outside firm, which then changed its name to Autodesk in 1980. Autodesk later acquired a California company named Pieper-Tec, which produced a competing CAD package named MicroStation. This was followed by a lawsuit, filed by Autodesk, against Pieper-Tec over trademark infringement. The suit was settled in late 1988 with an agreement that Autodesk would retain ownership of the name MicroStation and that the two companies would collaborate on future products and programs.

Autodesk began AutoCAD’s development in the late 1970s. However, because it was too early in the microcomputer era, computer graphics cards were still relatively expensive. Besides, CAD software typically ran on large, expensive mainframe computers. Only in the mid-1980s did inexpensive microprocessors become available and offer enough speed to handle large CAD projects. AutoCAD was first released in December 1982. Since then, Autodesk has released several updates and new versions of the software. Over the past 30 years, Autodesk has sold more than 1 million copies of AutoCAD.


As a CAD application, AutoCAD is designed to allow users to create and edit 2D diagrams and 3D models, and to perform 2D and 3D drafting and assembly operations. Users can also work collaboratively on documents within a networked CAD environment.

Like most CAD applications, AutoCAD is not a drafting program in the sense of a design-firm process. Instead, it is more of a tool for drafting. Thus, it can be used to create vector drawings, assembly drawings, and architectural drawings. Since version 20 of AutoCAD, all of these types of drawings can be created.

There are four types of basic drawing views that a user can customize. First, a drawing view can be set to a 2D, 3D, or table (for simple lists of dimensions) format. A second type of view is the default view that appears when you start the program. This

AutoCAD Activation [Win/Mac] (April-2022)

Classic AutoCAD 15, 16, and 2017, that came with their own APIs for customization, could be registered on a platform independent level with the Common Object Request Broker Architecture, COM, through an object adaptor. The object adaptor was contained in the AutoLISP installation package. The service broker was not installed and could be a standalone application (e.g., Win32) or a DLL which could be launched as a service (e.g., Windows). The COM object adaptor, which was based on VB6, could support external applications.

AutoCAD R14 introduced the API for external tools, in form of EXE files, which can be written in Autocad or Visual LISP.

Technical details
The API is defined in the AutoCAD documentation as a resource with the IDR_AUTOCAD_APP_API_LOCATION resource string. The documentation of the IDR_AUTOCAD_APP_API_LOCATION resource is not available.

When a new AutoCAD instance is created, a registry entry (KEY_AUTOCAD) is set to the location of the executable file (AutoCADApp.exe), and the API is enabled. In addition, the following registry entry is created:
{Any User Registry Key}
Value Data AutoCADApp.exe
Value Type REG_SZ
Value (Subkey) [1] (AutoCADApp.exe)
Value (Default) AutoCADApp.exe

The API consists of the following sections:

Initialization of the API: AutoCADAppInitialize, AutoCADAppUninitialize
Object data management
The object manager stores objects for:
Objects such as lines, circles, rectangles and images.
Documents such as Drafts and Drawings.
Visual objects such as block styles.
Windows such as from application menus.
The object manager stores an index of the objects to use in an application so that the objects

AutoCAD (Latest)

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Visual Studio 2010 Installation

I am having an issue where I am unable to install Visual Studio 2010. I am using the Microsoft Windows 7 and have downloaded all the components of Visual Studio 2010. I was able to open the setup program which seems to go through the first install okay, but then when it tries to configure the SQL Server setup I get the following error:
The following unexpected error occurred while detecting the latest.NET Framework version installed:

Please try again or select a different language.

How can I resolve this problem?


The cause of this error is that your.NET Framework version is lower than the minimum version required by Visual Studio to run.
I got similar error when I’ve installed a new version of Visual Studio and I installed the.NET Framework 4 Client Profile instead of the full.NET Framework 4.
I’ve noticed that this issue has only appeared after Microsoft forced changes in the.NET Framework 4 installation. That’s why it appears that only some computers get the right.NET Framework version.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find information that explains if there is a way to force the installation of.NET Framework 4 Client Profile instead of the full.NET Framework 4 and I don’t know if this solution is compatible with Visual Studio 2010.
I found an old solution to this error in this blog post:
I did as described in the post (i.e. I disabled.NET Framework 4 from being installed during the installation of Visual Studio 2010) and it resolved the issue

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Features of Support for People in the AutoCAD Workgroup:

The AutoCAD Workgroup allows you to give your workgroup direct access to your drawings for collaboration and review. With the AutoCAD Workgroup feature, you can give your workgroup access to any drawings in your Organizational library and share it across all workgroups in your current Organizational level. Sharing to the Organizational level is also known as Organizational Sharing. (video: 2:22 min.)

Project Browser Improvements:

Edit and filter all project properties in a single view. More powerful sorting, filtering, and searching capabilities. (video: 2:05 min.)

What’s new in AutoCAD:

Security, Settings, and more:

Use new ribbon tools to manage permissions and security, or apply user security settings from the ribbon or a command line tool. Import and export passwords. (video: 0:50 min.)

New commands for Annotations:

Create, add, and edit annotations quickly. Create annotations on any shape or object and attach them to specific layers. (video: 1:19 min.)

Crosshair and Highlight Tool:

In the crosshair tool or the highlighted tool, you can select any visible crosshair or highlight point. (video: 1:40 min.)

Updates to the Productivity Tools:

Added support for the new wave-based new desktop view. (video: 2:06 min.)

New User Interface

The Ribbon Design Tab in AutoCAD 2020 introduces a new navigation pattern for the toolbox. Instead of a traditional ribbon with flat categories, the Ribbon Design Tab introduces dynamic ribbon categories based on the type of tool being used. This new navigation will replace the ribbon in 2020 and deliver a more efficient and easier-to-use interface.

The ribbon also features an optimized user experience, where tools and categories align with the context in which they are used.

This ribbon interface, which is designed to enhance efficiency and is more in-line with an intuitive experience, will be the default interface in 2020. When you open a drawing, the drawing itself is imported into the Design View, so your drawings are always automatically configured and ready for design. This will eliminate the need to open other views and layouts to design your drawing.

Other new additions include:

Hide Ribbon Elements by default. You can still access the Ribbon with the Command

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

For best performance, play with the game at a full 1080p resolution.
AMD users should use the latest drivers for the best performance.
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