Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is when the business monitors the action of the consumer for the completion of their goal. The actions can be downloading content offer, adding the product to cart, or signing up a newsletter. 

With conversion tracking, you can improve the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and other marketing components.

Optimization of Website for Conversions

With marketing automation, you can increase the visitors to your website. However, an increase in the visitors is great but if they don’t convert then what is the use. So, it is your responsibility to make sure that your website has all the elements that will help to convince the visitors. Strategies for high conversion rate:

Use Limited Elements

If you are overfilling the web page with images, videos, and text than that will not only slow down your loading time but also too many elements will distract and confuse the visitor. Always remember less is more. So, keep your consumers engaged with limited but powerful content.

Ensure Fast Page Loads

People are too busy in their life and don’t have time to wait. If your website page is slow to load then it will portrait a negative impression on the visitors. So, check the loading time of the page to make sure that you are quick.


You should be vocal about the benefits of the products, and services you are offering. These benefits must work in favor of the visitors then only conversion will take place.

Strategically Place Elements of Conversion

The visitors should not be confused to check out the elements like sign up forms, call to actions, or other conversion elements. Remember, every visitor won’t scroll to find out the elements.

Ask For Limited Information

Visitors are not comfortable to give their details. They think it’s not worth it. You should keep your request limited up to name and occupation. Send them to survey emails to get more information.

Add Reviews and Testimonials

Positive reviews and testimonials work as social proof that will increase your credibility. Ask your existing consumers to provide reviews on the product they have used to build up confidence among the visitors scrolling your website.
Marketing automation may sound like a complex task but put your efforts as it is well worth. With perfect strategy and goals, you can enhance your website conversion rate to achieve your business goals.