Email Design

Email design is the process of creating and designing an email strategically that will resonate according to the target audience, especially with your present email subscriber and consumers. Email design should be aesthetically pleasing and attention-grabbing so that the recipient recognizes that the email is from your company.

Why is Email Design Important?

On average, a recipient spends 1.1 seconds to scan an email before deciding whether they are deleting it or keeping it. At this point, email design comes in the picture. An email design helps in keeping your email organized, valuable, and attention-grabbing. All these features should be there for the success of marketing efforts.

Best Practices for Email Design

Craft a Strong Subject Line

When you send an email, the first thing anyone checks is the subject line of your email. The subject line is a brief statement that will attract the recipient. It should capture their attention so that they continue reading your email. Your subject line should focus on:

  • Grabbing the attention of the visitors in a few words.
  • An email must provide some relevant information that makes the recipient open the email.

Be Concise

Your email should include the brief information they need from you and you should not go too deep. This will depict that you value their time and it will help to increase email subscriber retainment.

Write Attention-Grabbing Preheader

Your email preheader works as a preview about what is written in an email. This is the second thing that recipient will check. Don’t rewrite the first sentence of email; you should customize your preheader so that recipient can have an inside look.

Personalize Email

If you personalize an email according to the recipient, your email will look professional, tailored and personal. With personalized email, you can foster a relationship between the email recipient and your company. Along with it, it has the potential to humanize your brand and will also help in email retention.

Use a Responsive Design

Responsive design is referred to as your email will change and will fit according to the screen of the viewer. It will suit perfectly to the mobile device, laptop, or desktop. No matter where you are viewing the email, the recipient can easily read it. With the responsive design, you can improve email subscriber retention and improve user experience.