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While there are numerous utilities that can help you manage Microsoft SQL Server databases, they tend to be quite complex, which is not ideal when all you need is a simple, no-nonsense tool that allows you to browse a database and execute certain commands.
MSSQL Browser Lite, however, stands out because of its lightweight design, as it can be installed and put to use in no time at all. It enables you to browse through tables, create, delete and modify them, as well as execute SQL commands.
Simple database management utility
Naturally, you first need to install Microsoft SQL Server and set up a database if one is not already available. The application can connect to both local and remote databases.
When you first launch the program, you are presented with the Login window, and you need to provide the server and database names, as well as a valid user account and password.
Assuming the inserted data is correct, MSSQL Browser Lite then connects to the database and lists all the contained tables, and you can click them to have the application display the data in a separate panel.
Browse and manage MSSQL databases
MSSQL Browser Lite uses the latest Microsoft MSSQL Server ODBC drivers, thus ensuring that it can handle all known commands.
You can create, delete and modify tables, as well as perform any other actions supported by the SQL syntax.
Minimalistic user interface
The program’s simplicity is highlighted by its interface design, although it would have helped if the layout could be customized. As it stands, you cannot resize any of the panels, which might have come in handy in certain situations.
On the whole, MSSQL Browser Lite is a simple application that provides you with a quick and easy method of browsing and managing Microsoft SQL databases. Of course, you should not expect a comprehensive array of features, but this is a lightweight utility that does the job with no unnecessary complications.







MSSQL Browser Lite X64 [March-2022]

An instant solution for virtually any computer user who needs to access, manage and modify Microsoft SQL Server databases on the go. Access MSSQL databases: run SQL queries; view table data; add, edit or delete data; access, print, copy and move any data stored in the database. Modify table data: add, delete, sort, edit or re-order data; modify table properties and even create tables. MSSQL Browser Lite provides you with convenient ways to create a database to use or modify one, or to download it from the remote database server and use it locally. Download and modify: MSSQL Browser Lite can create a database that you can download on your computer or to your mobile phone.
Key Features of MSSQL Browser Lite:
Run any SQL command from any Microsoft SQL Server database server.
View table data.
Add, edit or delete data.
Access, print, copy and move data from the table.
View table properties.
Add, edit or delete properties.
View, sort and change a table’s record order.
Browse, print or email table data.
Create any kind of table you want.
Explore, modify, create and access table properties.
View and modify database properties.
Access database file and databases on a local or remote server.
Internet Explorer – NET 4.0 or higher required.
If you want to try MSSQL Browser Lite free for 30 days, please download it from the link below: MSSQL Browser Lite

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MSSQL Browser Lite

MSSQL Browser Lite is a lightweight utility that enables you to browse through tables, create, delete and modify them, as well as execute SQL commands. The program connects to both local and remote databases, and lets you perform a variety of tasks in them.
Key features:
Connects to remote and local databases
Simple, intuitive, and lightweight user interface
Allows creation, modification, and deletion of database tables
Allows creation, deletion, and modification of database indexes
Allows creation, deletion, and modification of database constraints
Allows a variety of queries, data retrival, and data modification
Allows data extraction from the database into an embedded spreadsheet
Allows a comprehensive set of queries
Allows data management (creation, deletion, modification) of databases and objects
Allows database backup, restore, and print
Allows creation and modification of user-defined functions

Publisher’s Description

MSSQL Browser Lite is a lightweight utility that enables you to browse through tables, create, delete and modify them, as well as execute SQL commands. The program connects to both local and remote databases, and lets you perform a variety of tasks in them.

The application is very simple. You choose the database and then any table. You can select what to do and click ok. You can also save the file and it will be reloaded the next time you click it.

I’ve been using MSSQL Browser Lite daily for some time now. I use it all the time when I need to test SQL commands against a DB I’m working on. Works very well.


It can’t handle BLOBs. It can’t connect to a network shared DB on a specific drive. No way to run SQLs on a separate DB on the same SQL Server. Also, no way to resave a DB other than the default one.


I’ve been using MSSQL Browser Lite for several years now and I love it. But if I want to do something not related to a SQL Database, I have to start from the beginning and I end up having to spend more time doing that than using MSSQL Browser Lite.

The biggest flaw in the software is that it can only run SELECT queries. I’m talking about a table being displayed. Once you start typing anything in the table, you can’t stop without hitting a submit button, which leaves you with your search query and no way to change it.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it can’t access

What’s New in the MSSQL Browser Lite?

MSSQL Browser Lite is a tool designed to assist you in browsing and managing your SQL Server databases. Its minimalistic design makes it very easy to use, regardless of your level of experience.
Key Features:
Lightweight utility designed for ease of use.
Browsing and managing your SQL Server databases.
Supports all MSSQL commands.
Ability to connect to both local and remote databases.
Allows you to create, delete and modify tables.
Works with ODBC drivers.
System Requirements:
Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10
Mac OS X/ 10.0
Supported databases: MSSQL Server 2005/ 2008/ 2012/ 2014/ 2016 and SQLite.

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User:Namifer Nov 28, 2017 2:08 am

Nice article about MS Sql Database Management. I would like to mention this tool because it is multi-threading speed and multi-user support.

Please anyone can tell me there is any tool like this one with similar functions but compatibility to Access databases.

For example, in this tool, when you insert new record (SELECT * FROM table), it will also appear in auto-number or default one in Access database.

Greetings from Romania.

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