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Advanced features

The rest of this book discusses many features of

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When you open a file in Photoshop Elements, you are presented with a workspace organized around the thumbnails of the preview images in the file you selected. You can zoom out or in to reveal more images or details, or search for image editing features.

In most cases, you use the Tools panel in Photoshop Elements to find and apply edits to the images.

The main features in Photoshop Elements are:

Adjusting the intensity of the colors (color adjustment)

Adjusting the brightness and contrast of the image (image adjustment)

Resizing and rotating images

Using the Pen Tool to draw on and edit images

Using the Shape Tools to create and edit polygons, lines and paths

Using the Paint Bucket to paint the images

Using the Magnetic Lasso to select an area and make it one color or a different color

Using a variety of filter effects

Creating, editing and sharing art (just like Photoshop CS5)

There are also some other tools in Photoshop Elements which you may use to crop or edit individual layers in an image (the Quick Selection tool) or view an image in different ways (the Details, Selective Color and Adjust Color tools).

Let’s take a look at some of the most useful Photoshop Elements features.

Color Adjustments

The Adjustment panel (Window > Adjustments) is similar to the Adjustments panel in Photoshop.

It contains a series of sliders that let you change the color of the image. You can change the Color, Hue, Saturation and Lightness sliders and the Curves tool (Image > Adjustments > Curves).

The easiest way to use the tools in Photoshop Elements is to use the keyboard. Press the T key to enter the To and From options and choose the colors you want to use. Select “to” from the list and click OK. You can also use the Curves and Color sliders.

Image Adjustments

The Adjustment panel can also be used to change the brightness, contrast and other image attributes (Image > Adjustments > Brightness-Contrast).

Click the image you wish to adjust. Use the sliders and arrows to adjust the image. You can use the dialog boxes to enter a number or use the Vibrance tool (Image > Adjustments > Vibrance), which adjusts the image according to the Vibrance values in the image.

Resizing and

Photoshop CS5 Free


EF 4.3 Linq with FirstOrDefault – DbSet

I have the following Code that should result in a List of
Students that are in the database. If a Student with the same Code is already on the list, it is skipped. How can I edit the following code to accomplish the desired result?
List studentList = db.Students.Where(s => s.Code == “J123”).Select(s => s).ToList();

var firstRecord = studentList.FirstOrDefault(s => s.Code == “J123”);

if (firstRecord!= null)


The problem is that you are using.ToList(), which clears out the query and changes the result set. You should use
var studentList = db.Students.Where(s => s.Code == “J123”).ToList();

if (studentList.Count == 1)
var firstRecord = studentList[0];

If you insist on using FirstOrDefault and don’t mind the risk of a second result on a subsequent call to FirstOrDefault, you can use this:
var firstRecord = studentList.FirstOrDefault();
if (firstRecord!= null)

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The Why of the Why?

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What’s New in the?

‘s most important ally on the world stage.

According to a new analysis by US-based news outlet Foreign Policy, Washington is now uninterested in the Erdogan government and its interference in internal Turkish matters, despite the fact that the countries are allies and they often share information, and, in the past, fought a war against ISIS together.

“There’s no real common enemy between Turkey and the U.S. Now that Turkey’s gone through its most tumultuous period of a decade, and is, in many ways, more reactionary and more ideological than it has been in years past, its relationship with the U.S. is really not that important to Ankara anymore,” the author of the Foreign Policy report, Aaron Stein, told Fox News.

“And that’s not just [geopolitical in nature], it’s also a practical matter,” he said. “It’s an incredibly costly proposition for Turkey to make its own foreign policy and to negotiate with the U.S. about what it’s going to do. It’s just very, very costly.”

The most recent US-Turkey relationship scuffle happened in 2018, when the US imposed sanctions on Turkey after it shot down a Russian fighter jet over its border, killing its pilot. The Trump administration accused Ankara of striking a “decision to provoke a conflict” and of wanting to set off a “new war in the region.”

Turkey responded by expelling the US ambassador and freezing trade talks. The two countries have already severed diplomatic relations in 2017 over Ankara’s role in a Kurdish rebellion, and also last year because of the detention of American evangelical pastor Andrew Brunson.

Turkey and the US ally have had a troubled relationship since the 1980s, when Turkey launched an invasion to stop the emergence of a secular Kurdish state in Northern Iraq.

If the relationship is to improve, Stein said, Washington needs to take a different tone to Ankara, and instead start looking for solutions to their common problems.

“It’s a far better relationship than it is today, but it is an uphill battle,” Stein said, adding that a conversation between Erdogan and Trump had already been rejected by the former president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“It’s a battle that Erdogan and his colleagues have already lost. Even though it was always going to be a tough battle, because the

System Requirements For Photoshop CS5:

OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP / Server 2003 / Vista / Server 2003
1.2 GHz CPU
Hard Drive:
1 GB available space
Direct X 10 or greater, OpenGL 2.0
Additional Notes:
Intel CPU:
OpenGL 2.0 or greater
OpenGL 2.0



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