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1) SAMtools: SAMtools is a suite of tools for manipulating alignments/maps in the SAM format.

2) Bwa: BWA is a short-read alignment program that aligns reads to a reference genome.

3) BCFtools: BCFtools is a program which manipulates compressed VCF files. It performs a number of consistency checks on the compressed files and then loads data. BCFtools can be used to convert alignment formats to SAM/BCF, work with sequence sam, or load a set of alignments in BCF format.

4) ipyrad: ipyrad is a structural variant identification tool for alignments in the Interval format. It uses MC-PCR to detect SVs.

5) mkvcf: mkvcf is a tool which can read the VCF or BCF format files. It can be used to convert the format to the BAM/VCF/BCF format, and can also be used to read in the VCF/BCF format.

6) rmdup: rmdup is a tool which can remove duplicated reads or regions from a BAM file.

7) samtools: SAMtools is a suite of tools for manipulating alignments/maps in the SAM format.

8) sambcpy: This command can perform an exact copy of alignment.

9) samtools faidx: This command can extract the faidx format information of SAM alignments.

10) samtools rec: This command can be used to reconstruct the original read by aligning two reads with long inserts.

11) samtools: samtools is a suite of tools for manipulating alignments/maps in the SAM format.

12) samtools merge: samtools merge is a tool that merges a list of SAM files into a single SAM file.

13) samtools view: samtools view is a command-line tool to view information about SAM/BAM files.

14) samtools: samtools is a suite of tools for manipulating alignments/maps in the SAM format.

15) samtools sort: samtools sort is a command-line tool to sort SAM/BAM files.

16) samtools stats: samtools stats is a command-line tool to generate summary statistics from SAM/BAM files.

17) samtools: sam

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The SAM format is an extension of the BED format and of the VCF format with additional qualifiers for storage of aligned sequence data.
Samtools is a collection of command-line utilities for using the SAM format.
The samtools utilities can be invoked for a variety of tasks, such as indexing of BAM or CRAM files, translation of VCF files to SAM format, mapping of BED coordinates and alignment conversion.
It can also work as an independent file format for storing sequence alignment or variant calling data.
Refer to: SAM format

The samtools needs some commands in a unix environment, so that the program can be installed.
Linux or Mac OSX download Samtools from
Download for Windows use the file download page (

This file is the source code of the special “profiling” tool presented in
“The G.C. Field Course in Bioinformatics”, Hughes 2009.
C++ source code. Refer to the main.cpp for a basic description on how the tool works.

The G.C. Field Course in Bioinformatics, Hughes 2009

Below we present a profiling tool that allows you to view how
much time is spent in each function in a typical loop of
analysis. The tool can be used as a “debugging aid” to
quickly spot any problems. It is also useful to determine
whether you have memory issues, especially if you are using
a GUI such as HTS Viewer or others that use an in-memory
stored sequence.

Below is the program discussed. It would work from the command line.


int reads_per_sec[10]={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10};
int frames_per_sec[10]={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10};
int datas_per_sec[10]={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

What’s New in the SAM Tools?

1) The SAMtools can produce the alignment files in SAM format, which is a text-based file format for storing and manipulating the alignment between two sequences and has been widely used and supported by many users.
2) The SAMtools includes several software modules to convert nucleotide sequences, such as FASTA, FASTQ and compressed FASTA/FASTQ sequences, into SAM format.
3) The SAMtools includes several utility programs to process alignments, such as convert/edit SAM format and SAM format to other formats, split/join, show and compare alignments between two files.
4) The SAMtools includes a file transfer tool to transfer alignments between a list of files.
5) The SAMtools includes a command-line utility, Samtools, for the simple and efficient manipulation of SAM format alignment.
6) The SAMtools can be downloaded from
It is a tool for many alignment analyses, such as an alignment between two sequences,
aligning to a reference and more. The SAMtools tools may be useful in analyzing
genomic and RNA sequence datasets, sequencing project data and quality assessment of
reads for next generation sequencing projects.
SAMtools convert a SAM format file into a VCF format file.
SAMtools can convert a SAM format file into a vcf format file. SAMtools align two reference sequences to a new
sequence, with three modes: General Reference, Two-Fasta, and Two-Fastq. The vcf format file can be used with
VCF tools to call variants and calculate info.
SAMtools show the two alignments by two sequences in a tab-delimited format.
SAMtools show the two alignments by two sequences in a tab-delimited format. SAMtools convert/edit can convert a SAM to VCF,
SAM to GVCF, SAM to BCF, SAM to TAB and TAB to BCF.
SAMtools fastqc can be used for quality control of unaligned fastq sequences in FASTQ format. It can be used for both raw and
aligned sequences.
SAMtools convert,SAMtools edit, SAMtools fastqc, SAMtools show, SAMtools compare, SAMtools split,
SAMtools merge, SAMtools sort, SAMtools fdump, SAMtools faidx, SAMtools view, and SAMtools gffread

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