School Spectrometer was developed as an educational and useful spectrometer, spectrograph, spectroscope that can help you analyze input spectrograph patterns.
All you have to do is connect your web camera and select the pattern you want to analyze.







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JAVA Script

function input()


var input = document.getElementById(“input”);

if (input.value == ‘connect’)


input.value = ”;




var pattern = getImageFromURL(patternImgLocation);

input.value = pattern;



function getImageFromURL(url)


var img = new Image();

img.src = url;

return img;


Input of the pattern:



JAVA Script

import javax.script.*;
import java.util.*;

public class Code


public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception


InputPattern input = new InputPattern();

Scanner scanner = new Scanner(;

System.out.print(“Input the pattern you want to analyze: “);



System.setProperty(“sun.java2d.noddraw”, “false”);

System.setProperty(“sun.java2d.d3d”, “false”);

System.setProperty(“sun.java2d.ddscl”, “false”);

while (true)




ScriptEngineManager manager = new ScriptEngineManager();

ScriptEngine engine = manager.getEngineByName(“JavaScript”);

if (engine == null)


engine = manager.getEngineByName(“JavaScript1.1”);

if (engine == null)

engine = manager.getEngineByName(“JavaScript1.8”);


String input = scanner.nextLine();

engine.put(“pattern”, input);

Object o = engine.eval(input);



catch (Exception e)








import javax

School Spectrometer Crack For Windows

Some of its main features are:
Resolution: Full spectrum
Color coded: wavelength range is color coded and can be seen on the screen
On screen waveplot
Optimized for webcam
Color coding is in full spectrum- you can change spectrum between Full spectrum and Coded Mode through Settings-> Color Coding
Spectrometer is a software environment for spectroscopy experiments, in which the researchers use their own software to define their parameters and run the experiments. In this example, the researchers are using Coded Mode. When the code is started, a spectroscopy experiment will start and take the data for data processing.

The spectrometer provides a general user interface, and it can be operated by a general user, without any spectroscopy background.
The spectrometer can be used as a spectroscopy lab, for studies with beginners. It can also be used as a spectrometer for students without spectroscopy background.
This software, both on a PC and a Webcam, helps researchers to communicate with their students or colleagues.
It can provide a useful tool for students and researchers to analyze their spectroscopy experiments.

School Spectrometer has other features:

Spectrum can be displayed in Full spectrum or in Coded Mode
Coded Mode shows a spectrum of wavelengths in a selected range
Color coded
Playback mode
Video start button
Color graphics
Point & click coordinates and spectrum
No distribution required
Example workspace
Create homework assignment and work with students
Characteristics: Spectrometer application is useful for students and researchers.

School Spectrometer Features:

Preview: You can see spectrum on screen at the same time that the experiment is taking place.
Analysing: You can select a wavelength region (color) to get a spectrum, or you can select a spectrum to get the wavelength range (color).
Save: You can save the experiment for future use.
Code: You can set a code that will be run every time the experiment is started. (A sample code is set to study how does the spectrometer work.)

Programming: Python programming language

See also:

Programming Spectrometer

Spectrometer Code

Spectrometer Workspace

External links
An example of a spectrometer (or spectroscope) that can be used as a webcam to show spectra without a physical spectroscope.

School Spectrometer Crack Free Download

It gives different pictures of the live pattern inputted to you.

It can provide information such as: intensity of the inputted pattern, frequency of the inputted pattern , wavelength of the inputted pattern.
All these are provided on the picture.

You can compare the inputted pattern and the given pattern by moving between the frames.
If the input pattern and the given pattern are the same, this picture will be greyed.

If the input pattern and the given pattern are different, you can see their differences by the picture.

The program also provides help for the user in the form of history and help box.
The help box helps you in the menu at the top left side of the screen.
Help box shows menus and other things you can use on the right side of the screen.
History shows the inputted pattern in a table format.

Inputting a pattern is easy, press button for and hold then input the number of a pattern to analyze.
And button will be disabled.

By moving the slider, you can select the pattern you wish to analyze.

Selection of a pattern only takes about one second.

The result of the selected pattern will be shown on the screen.

Selecting Help shows the Help box.

On the screen of pattern, the button and buttons are the functions available for you.

By clicking button, you can select a pattern and press button again, the selected pattern will be analyzed.

The x, y and z axes of the spectrum will be shown on the left side of the screen for analysis.

Although button does not affect any thing, by pressing button you can select a pattern you have already inputted.
The help box shows the information you are currently editing.

If you press button while the help box is showing the information, the time will be shown on the help box.

If you press button, the history will be cleared.

If you click any place on the spectrum, button, button will be enabled.
If you drag the slider, button will be enabled.
If you press button, button will be enabled.
By moving button, you can select a specific range.
By dragging button, you can select a specific range.


What’s New In?

– Web camera pictures in real time
– Smooth and picture that will help you diagnose things in the future
– Assign a spectrum
– Turn the sound on/off
– Zoom in/out
– Analyze the input image in a real-time way
– Adjust the brightness of the image
– Balance the audio
– save the results in a file
– Play the results in a continuous way
– Analyzing the image can be done in the line and screen mode
– Best quality in the analysis of the input patterns.

Instructions :
– Change the device (webcam, graphic card and operating system and database) to give you the best result.
– Limit for the spectrogram sizes greater than 200MB

Spectrometer Features :
– Real time spectrometer
– line and screen mode analysis
– Color Balance, Brightness and Gamma adjustment
– save the results in.MCR file
– saved in a file, you can play the results, x is continuous way

Feel free to contact :
– Report any error or bug, if you find a problem.
– Thank you for using School Spectrometer

Re: Help please

I get an error when I click “Analyze the image.”

“The application ‘School Spectrometer’ is not allowed to perform this action in this context”

“In the current context, ‘School Spectrometer’ is accessing ‘C:\S\Documents and Settings\Windows\Application Data\Duis_System’ which is not allowed by security settings.

You have to contact the owner of ‘S\Documents and Settings\Windows\Application Data\Duis_System’.

If you continue, this action will be performed with administrative rights.

For further information, please refer to this article: ”


I have restarted the machine several times and have tried removing/reinstalling the program several times. However, the problem persists.

Re: Help please

When I try to turn on my sound, I get the following error: “ERROR: The audio playback device ‘Realtek High Definition Audio’ cannot be connected. Make sure the volume control is set correctly.”

When I try to turn on my camera, I get the following error: “ERROR

System Requirements For School Spectrometer:

– 8 GB RAM, or more recommended
– 5.0 GB free hard drive space
– 512 MB GPU
– CD-ROM drive
– Internet connection
– USB port
– Broadband Internet connection
– PC with compatible operating system (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8)
– DVD drive
– A properly installed CD-ROM
Please ensure that you check with the manufacturer for compatible system requirements, which are not listed here.
How to Install:



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