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Session Keeper will help you keep a (longer) session with one Web Application that has an inactivity timeout.
Use the extension’s Options to configure it. Enter ‘start’ and ‘end’ URLs, ping URL and ping interval (in minutes).
If, for example, you use the default settings, the URL http://localhost/Home.jsp will be called every 15 minutes after you browsed for the 1st time to http://localhost/Login.jsp, and this will stop when the page http://localhost/Logout.jsp is loaded.









Session Keeper [Win/Mac]

How to use Session Keeper For Windows 10 Crack extension?

How to use the Session Keeper in Chrome?

What happens to data stored in the Session keeper?

How does Session Keeper work?


As described in the documentation:

How to use Session Keeper extension?

1. open your default browser (Chrome/Firefox/Safari),
2. Search the URL in the extension page for “session keeper” or “browser autosave” (my case “”)
3. Click on the extension icon

How to use the Session Keeper in Chrome?

1. open the Extensions page (chrome://extensions/),
2. Search for the extension name

What happens to data stored in the Session keeper?

As the description says, data stored in the extension is there, “until you manually clear the data from the extensions options.”

How does Session Keeper work?

After installing the extension and looking at the documentation, I conclude that this extension works like this:

When a user clicks on a link and is not logged in, the page is requested to the server.
The server records the user in the session.
This session expires after some time.
If a user comes back, the session is stored in the browser until he/she logs out.


Display recent items using AJAX

I am trying to display 5 recent items in a div. I am using AJAX to query the database and populate the div. I need some help with logic and query for the update().
My code:

$.get(‘search.php’, function(data) {

Session Keeper Crack+ Serial Key

URLs are logged to a file called, ‘.kermit_ses_history_XXX.txt’, where ‘XXX’ is the timestamp (in format yyyymmddhhmmss) of the session.
Before the connection to the server is lost (user left the page), the server checks if the file .kermit_ses_history_YYYMMDDhhmmss.txt exists on its disk and if so, it is read (in and the last URL found is stored. Then it is set to the .kermit_ses_history_YYYMMDDhhmmss.txt file and when the server is started again it tries to read the file to get the last URL and it is then logged.
So if the .kermit_ses_history_YYYMMDDhhmmss.txt file exist, the server will write the URL (after the @ sign) to it and it will also write (after the @ sign) to the file .kermit_ses_history_YYYMMDDhhmmss.txt. The last-logged URL is written as last-url (the

Session Keeper

String of the value ‘inactivity-timeout’ that is used to
specify the inactivity timeout.
String of the value ‘inactivity-timeout’ that is used to
specify the inactivity timeout.
Use the following example in server.xml


Take a look in the Apache Tomcat installation folder and in the.\common\lib folder to find an example.


Short answer: no.
Longer answer: That is what the session timeout is there for.
This way it will not keep your session open for too long if your user leaves the page without logging out.
For further information, you can read the chapter of the Tomcat Java Web Server Application Deployment Guide


Monday, February 27, 2011

Japan Tour #4 – The Hiraoka Chiten, “The Great Sand Dunes”

January 13, 2011

(This is a continuation of “Japan Tour #4 – The Hiraoka Chiten, “The Great Sand Dunes”, Part I.)

Today’s tour takes us to Hiraoka Chiten, which is literally translated to mean “The Great Sand Dunes.” However, the Hiraoka Chiten is more commonly referred to as “The Great Sand Dunes.” Today I will go into detail regarding this unusual name.

The Hiraoka Chiten is located approximately 33 miles northeast of Fukuoka, Japan. The complex is located in the Japanese island of Kyushu. The sand dunes are a part of the Hiraoka Sand Dunes National Park. The Hiraoka Sand Dunes National Park is the smallest park in Japan. The park was established in 1996 and covers approximately 5,032 acres.

The Hiraoka Chiten is a series of 10 sand dunes located at the edge of a sand forest. The sand dunes are approximately 120 feet high. The sand dunes are a major tourist attraction in Hiraoka. They are also used for planting trees, wind farm, and irrigated farming.

I first saw the sand dunes during my Japan Tour #3.

I thought the sand d

What’s New in the Session Keeper?

The Start Session Keeper extension is a simple tool that allow you to keep a long
sessions with a web application.

This extension is available for:
JBoss 5
Apache Tomcat
Apache Tomcat 5.5
Apache Tomcat 6
Apache Tomcat 7

This extension can be enabled in the Startup Options of the extension manager, or globally in
the servlet container.

The Start Session Keeper extension supports the following sessions attributes:
* httpOnly
* crossDomain
* cookie
* maxAge

You can also set session timeout (in minutes).

To access the options for this extension, click Options at the top of the page.

If the extension is not enabled, the options page will appear.

The options page has the following options:
* Enable this extension
* Start URL
* End URL
* Ping URL
* Ping interval (in minutes)

Enabling the extension will add some new options to the page:
* Start
* End
* Ping
* Session timeout (in minutes)

The Start and End options allow you to specify URLs that will be appended to the start and end of the current session.
If you start or end the session on for example, then you will access a new session every time you reach after
the current session has been started or ended.
The Start and End URLs can be configured for all applications with the Extension Manager or they can be configured for just one application using
the Global Options.

The Ping URL and Ping interval (in minutes) options allow you to specify the Ping URL for this extension and the Ping interval (in minutes).

For example, to ping every 10 minutes, you would enter:

To disable ping, enter:

For more details about the options, click on the Options button at the top of the page.

If you find the extension useful, please consider [Starring it](

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System Requirements For Session Keeper:

CPU: Intel Core i5-7400 (3.30 GHz or higher)
Memory: 8 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive Space: 50 GB
Windows 7 or later
Mac OSX 10.7 or later
Gamepad Support: Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam Controller, Windows Universal/Xbox Adaptive Controller, Logitech F310, PlayStation DualShock, Xbox d-pad
How to Install the Game:
Install the game via Steam



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